Placerville Polaris & Power Tools
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Paul Hendricks
Paul H.
Great snowblower for my Birthday. Service is great as well
John T.
John T.
We bought a Polaris with a snow pLow attachment. They are always friendly helpful. They are closed on Sunday, don't pay attention to their yelp hours...
William Oye
William O.
Great selection of quality products and excellent service. We are very happy with our 3 " chipper/shredder so far
Melissa T.
Melissa T.
I am surprised to see the bad reviews here. We just had the most positive experience at Polaris today. We were having trouble starting our mantis...
Derek Smiley
Derek S.
Placerville Polaris & Power Tools do a great job! I highly recommend them. Great staff and an exceptional owner. They are my go-to people if I need help or power tools. Heck, they have helped me keep my *very* well used 2005 Polaris ATV running too!
Dr. Nicole W.
Dr. Nicole W.
We picked up our new RZR Turbo S yesterday. Darren was really helpful in getting all the financing and paperwork set up ahead of time. He did a thorough...
J R Butts
J R B.
They're very helpful in finding things for you
TEC 1982
TEC 1.
Great knowledgeable staff very friendly
William Adkins
William A.
Hands down this is the place to get your power tools not only serviced but getting power tools in general. I had them sharpen to chainsaw chains for me with a turnaround time of two days I then was looking to get a echo gasoline-powered weed eater.I first began to shop at Home Depot and then I called Placerville Polaris and they were able to not only beat the price on an Echo gas powered weed eater just on what they sell it for but they also set it up for me showed me how to load the string and made sure that it ran well before sending me on my way. The level of customer service and knowledge of monks employees here is phenomenal and I would recommend them to anyone that's looking to get quality service with a quality product.
Kurt Wilkey
Kurt W.
Great honest people. Great prices and a great selection.
Roger Oien
Roger O.
Great people. Knowledgeable and helpful. They have the products you want and need.
chris van norman
chris van N.
Great service. These guys went above and beyond yesterday for me and made sure I got my parts even after the close of business. They definitely went the extra mile for me so I'll be back.
Travis Mackey
Travis M.
Great customer service, friendly staff! I couldn't ask for a better sales and service experience.
Vanessa Boston
Vanessa B.
Bought our sons a 170 Razor. They love this machine! They jump in it every chance they get. Guys in back are customizing it for them once parts come in. Great product!
Andrey Arabadzhi
Andrey A.
Service is excellent, they made my buying experience really easy.
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