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Sprayers are typically used to apply different types of insect and rodent repellent to gardens, yards, around houses and any other place where insects and other bugs are not wanted.  Many different sprays can be utilized with a sprayer.  These can be from homemade organic mixes, all the way to chemically made ones, as well as hybrid sprays and oils as well.  And if that is not overwhelming enough, there are also several different types of sprayers that you can use to apply these compounds. With choices ranging from backpack sprayers, wheeled sprayers and UTV sprayers, which one is the best sprayer for what your needs are?

Backpack Sprayers

A backpack sprayer is just that.  It’s a sprayer that goes on your back like a backpack. This design is extremely convenient, as you don’t have to remember to grab or walk around carrying a spray bottle.  Which, depending on the size of the job you’re doing, holding a sprayer full of repellent can get heavy quickly.  A backpack sprayer solves this problem for you.

Backpack sprayers are also very versatile. They are efficient, reliable and very durable. They are designed with comfort in mind and will meet any requirements demanded of them.  But what makes them even better, is how portable and mobile they are.  They have a deep reservoir, so you can spray continuously for a long time before needing to refill.  This is huge if you are looking to save time with smaller or larger projects.  In fact, most backpack sprayers only need to be filled once and will typically last for the entire day.

Wheeled Sprayers

Wheeled sprayers are sprayers that have wheels on them.  They can hold larger amounts of repellents, so you don’t have to refill as soon.  Wheeled sprayers are easy to navigate and will prevent you from getting tired as there is nothing for you to carry.  While you are limited on mobility when it comes to denser vegetation, wheeled sprayers are easy to use and great for larger jobs.

UTV Sprayers

UTV sprayers are sprayers that go on the back of a UTV (utility vehicle).  They are designed to be carried on a UTV and are equipped with a much more significant tank than a wheeled or backpack sprayer.  The most popular size of UTV sprayer is typically 60 to 100 gallons, and when installed onto the back of a UTV, the 60-gallon size can weight as much as 790 pounds.  As for the 100-gallon sprayer, it can get up to a weight of about 1,146 pounds.  However, that is when the sprayer is at maximum capacity with liquid, which is an infrequent occasion for the most part.

One of the most significant benefits of UTV sprayers is that they can be transported just about anywhere your UTV can go.  Where a backpack and wheeled sprayer are limited to where you move them, a UTV sprayer can easily be transferred to the other side of your land if required.  And since they usually have 60-100 gallon tanks, the chances are that you will not need to refill the sprayer tank very often.

When it comes to sprayers, whether it’s a backpack sprayer, wheeled sprayer or a UTV sprayer, Echo manufactures only the highest quality sprayers available today.  With the reliable performance, durability, and ease of use, you will be able to tackle any job with a 100% success rate when Echo sprayers are involved.

Call or visit Placerville Polaris with any questions and to discover which type of sprayer is best suited for your individual needs.  Finding the right kind of sprayer can easily become overwhelming.  Placerville Polaris has the knowledge, customer service and training to ensure you get what you need to get the job done right the first time.

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