Shindaiwa Power Tools

Shindaiwa equipment is available in a choice of engine technologies. The power tools are dependable and unique also. These Shindaiwa’s power tools are lightweight and perform day in and day out. Every tool is well researched, developed and also tested by skilled engineers.

String Trimmers

String Trimmers features huge power and low weight. Trimmers are intend to cut the maintenance time.They are great for cutting greenery and are designed to be able to get right up against rocks, fences, trees, etc. They are great for maintaining a neat edge along walks and beds. Many can also accept a metal blade for leveling tough scrub and small saplings. It has the power to clean up a big yard. It is comfortable and can be easily handled by the operator.

Hedge Trimmers

Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers are suitable for a park, garden, and landscape. They are characterized as extra-sharp, double reciprocating blades that slice “lightning quick” for precise-looking cuts and edges. The blades are nickel-plated and have long-lasting durability. They are convenient in either double-sided or single-sided configurations as well as two blade lengths for each. Rubber grips permit great comfort and control. It allows to work faster and with less effort than manual ones. It is generally designed with safety devices and easy maintenance.


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