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When it comes to trimming trees and branches that are higher up, walking up a ladder holding a chainsaw is not the safest option or even a good idea.  All it takes is one little misstep or slip, and you can fall 5, 10, or even 15 feet.  This kind of fall is dangerous, but when you add a chainsaw, it becomes even more perilous.  Pole pruners help prevent severe accidents of that nature.

Using pole pruners to clear away the lower hanging branches of a tree has many benefits.  First of all, it will increase the beauty of your yard, as well as allow more sunlight to reach the other flowers, bushes, and grass below.  Clearing these branches also help keep them away from your house or other structures.  This clearing helps to prevent moisture, mold growth, rodent intrusions, and damage.  When pole pruners are used for the maintenance and pruning of trees, it helps to keep them pleasing aesthetically, as well as helps to keep them healthy.

Pole Pruners

The best pole pruners have features that help its reach and length.  Echo pole pruners provide just that.  The range from 8 feet of reach when collapsed, and can extend to more than 12 feet.  And if an extra 12 feet of reach still isn’t enough, Echo also has a 4 feet extender that can be used with any Echo pole pruner to extend the reach even further.

The next best part of the Echo pole pruners is the amount of power they provide, as well as the ease of use.  With some Echo pole pruners delivering up to 1.35 horsepower, it is more than enough power for handling any tree branch that needs to be trimmed or cut.

Another feature that can’t be ignored is how quickly Echo pole pruners crank.  You know what they say, time is money.  When you are sitting there waiting for your pole pruner to crank up, you’re not getting the job done.

All in all, pole pruners are a much safer and quicker option for cutting and trimming higher up trees and branches than trying to climb a ladder with a chainsaw.  With the right Echo pole pruner, you will surely be able to handle any cutting or trimming job that may arise. For more information on pole pruners, be sure to call or visit Placerville Polaris.  They are your one stop for all of your pole pruner questions and have the knowledge and training to help you choose the best Echo pole pruner for any projects you may have.

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