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Do you pride yourself on being ready for anything?  Love attacking the backcountry and the backyard with the same intensity?  Then the Polaris General is exactly what you need.  With seating options ranging from 2-seats, 4-seats and even special editions, the Polaris General will help you tackle any amount of work, as well as dominate any type of twisted trail that you come across.

2-Seat Polaris General

With several models available in the 2-seat department, these Polaris General utility vehicles can handle any task with massive payload capacity, a dumping box, and class-leading towing.

It all starts with the Polaris General 1000 EPS.  Being the most powerful utility and recreation vehicle ever built, the 1000 EPS puts out 100 HP and 65 ft. lbs. of torque.  Plenty of power to conquer any task you may be confronted with.

Still looking for more?  Then you may like the Polaris General 1000 EPS Premium, 1000 EPS Hunter Edition, 1000 EPS Deluxe or the 1000 EPS Command Edition that comes equipped with the revolutionary Ride Command technology.  While all of these models are built off the comfort and power of the 1000 EPS model, the different models and packages available will surely check all of the boxes that you are looking for in a 2-seater.

4-Seat Polaris General

Proclaimed as the most powerful utility and recreation vehicle ever built that has room for 4 people, the Polaris General 4 1000 EPS is hands down the best in class.  Delivering all the versatility and power of the General line, this 4-seater allows your friends and family to join along for the ride.

With the power and performance of the General 1000 EPS, the General 4 1000 EPS has also been upgraded with New Fox 2.0 Podium X QS3 Shocks, an updated new front bumper, a 4,500 lb. Polaris HD winch and the most rear row legroom every seen.  And that’s not to mention the most comfortable backseat ever seen in large part to the revolutionary Ride Command technology.

Special Edition Polaris General

 As mentioned earlier, there are several special edition Polaris General editions that will take your adventures to the next level.

The Polaris General 1000 EPS Hunter Edition has been designed with the hung in mind.  With best in class torque and power, you will also benefit from the Polaris Pursuit Camo coloring, 4,500 lb. winch, low-profile front bumper, Polaris gun boots and a lock & ride dual gun scabbard, you will be prepared for anything that gets thrown your way.

The next special edition is the Polaris General 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition.  Rounded out with the revolutionary Ride Command technology, you’ll also enjoy a Ride Command 7” display, a premium sound system, front and rear cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS and an integrated GoPro control, to name a few.

Finally there is the Polaris General 4 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition.  Similar to the General 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition, the General 4 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition has all of the features and upgrades as it’s 2-seat counterpart, but with 4- seats.

No matter which Polaris General you decide on, you will be overwhelmed with the power, comfort, technology and everything in between.

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