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During the fall and winter seasons, leaves can flood your yard and take over your driveway.  When this happens, a leaf blower is one of the best options out there.  It was developed to clean up big messes in a hurry; a leaf blower should be a critical part of the maintenance of your yard.  

While the best leaf blowers may have different types of features available, all leaf blowers have two things in common. They are either gas-powered or battery powered blowers.  While each type has their pros and cons, always be sure to keep in mind what kind of projects you are going to be utilizing the leaf blower. Do you have a large yard with lots of trees, or do you have a smaller yard that doesn’t see many leaves?  The type of work you are going to be doing will determine which kind of blower you should invest.

Gas Powered Blowers

Gas powered blowers typically consist of a two-cycle motor.  This motor is much more powerful than an electric one and will be much more efficient when it comes to cleaning up big, messy jobs.  While they do cost a little more than their electric counterparts, a gas-powered blower will typically last longer and is better suited for larger yards.  And as a bonus, if you live in an area where it snows, you can use your blower to move snow as well.


Battery Powered Blowers

Battery powered blowers are generally more popular than gas-powered blowers for several different reasons.  Other than costing less than a gas leaf blower, electric leaf blowers also weight much less.  While the weight difference is only a couple of pounds, for a more significant task, this can make a difference.  Battery powered blowers are also quieter, and much more environmentally friendly.

While there are only two different types of blowers, the top quality ones are typically going to be either Echo or Toro. These are the ones that will last the longest, work the best and provide trouble free leaf blowing for years to come. Contact the team over at Placerville Polaris when you are ready to pick up a leaf blower and invest in your yard. They are knowledgeable, friendly and will be able to help you choose the best leaf blower for whatever your needs may be.

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