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Proper yard care includes many different aspects.  Some bushes need to be trimmed, flowers that need to be pruned, and most importantly, lawns that need to be mowed.  Mowing the grass is not just an essential part of maintaining the yard, but there are other benefits associated with keeping your lawn mowed as well.

For example, when the lawn is regularly mowed, there is a cosmetic benefit that you and everyone else can immediately notice.  On top of that, when your yard is neat, even, and short it will give it a clean, well-manicured appearance.  In fact, it doesn’t matter how the rest of the yard appears. If you have a lawn that looks unkempt, the whole yard’s appearance will suffer.

When it comes time to select the right mower for the job, there are many different options available.  From push/walk behind mowers, riding mowers, commercial mowers and zero-turn mowers, there are several different options for you to select.

Push/Walk Behind Mowers

A push mower or walk behind mower are both lawnmowers that you essentially stand behind and push as you walk.  The features between the push mower and walk behind mower are very similar, but one is motorized. With a push mower, there is no mower.  As you walk along pushing the mower, it turns the blades located between the wheels and cuts the grass.  With a walk behind mower, you still walk behind the mower driving it, but there is a motor that spins the blade automatically.  Other than that, they are very similar. With a push or walk behind mower, the operator has the flexibility to navigate with ease, as well as operate in tighter, more confined spaces.  They also have higher versatility in steeper and other varied terrains.  They are incredibly durable, and an able body can operate them with an excellent result.

We carry residential and commercial mowers of all kinds from Toro, Honda and Cub Cadet.

Riding Mowers

While more expensive than push and walk behind mowers, riding mowers also offer many more features that the push and walk behind variety cannot.  There are many different varieties of sizes and power for starters.  Another significant advantage is that riding mowers will get larger areas mowed much faster than traditional lawn mowers. A bonus for riding mowers is that they usually offer the option of being able to tow or drag things behind them.  Some even have plow accessories that can be used to move snow or plow the garden.  Other features include attachments that will suck up and grind leaves, turning them into manure.  And with a more significant fuel capacity, you won’t have to fill up on gas as often as a smaller walk behind mowers.

Zero-Turn Mowers

A zero-turn mower is any lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero.  This effective turn radius means that it can spin in a full circle without moving from the same spot.  Some of the benefits of this type of lawn mower are the extra maneuverability.  These types of mowers typically have wheels that rotate independently from the other wheels.  This design allows you to move backward, forward easily, left or right without hassle.

Zero-turn mowers are also known to cut down on mowing time.  The time efficiency, of course, varies upon the size of your yard, but with the ability to turn quickly and navigate around obstacles, you will get done much quicker than with a traditional riding mower.

Commercial Mowers

When you have huge lawns or even multiple properties that need to be mowed, a commercial mower may be the best option for you.  When there is too much grass for your other, smaller modeled mowers to handle, a commercial mower can quickly get the job done for you.  These are generally for maintaining larger properties and facilities.

When it comes to selecting the right lawnmower for your home, try to choose a lawn mower from one of the best brands available. These include Toro and Honda & Cub Cadet only.  They have the quality that will get the job done quickly and be able to last for many years to come.

Simply call or visit Placerville Polaris with any questions and they will happily be able to answer them for you, as well as recommend the best lawn mower for your individual needs and yard.

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