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While Honda is well known for its cars and motorcycles, they have also been creating outdoor power tools since 1953. In fact, since that time, Honda has manufactured more than 100 million outdoor power products worldwide. They specialize in fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, low-emission 4-stroke engines.  It’s these engines that are used in generators, commercial lawn mowers, residential lawn mowers, as well as many other outdoor power tools. Honda continues to be an innovator when it comes to outdoor power tools, and their exceptional quality is easily seen in all of their products.


Ranging from 1000 watts all the way to 30,000 watts, Honda generators are known for being reliable, tough and long-lasting.  Separated into 3 different categories of generators, there are Honda generators for every occasion.

For Play – These are Honda portable generators that will provide you with plenty of power, but are extremely quiet. These are the perfect generators for RVing, camping, parties, tailgating, races and any other fun activity where you can use a little bit more power.

For Home – These generators are bigger than the ‘for play’ generators and can produce more power. The ‘for home’ category of generators are better suited for those who are looking to have a consistent supply of convenient, reliable power during power outages.

For Work – Generators that are considered to be ‘work’ generators are portable and the leading choice for those in the rental industry, as well as construction.  These are powerful, reliable generators that will handle the day to day challenges that you need them too.

Commercial Lawn Mowers

When it comes to commercial lawn mowers, there is no better option than Honda commercial lawn mowers. Built with more power than your regular lawn mowers, the Honda commercial lawn mowers were designed to do one thing, cut grass and cut it well. With the power, maneuverability and extra features, this is the perfect mower for any commercial lawn cutter. And with three separate commercial lawn mowers available in the HRC series, you can rest assured that you will find the commercial lawn mower with all the options you need.

HRC Series – The HRC series is the best commercial lawn mowers that Honda has to offer.  They are smooth to operate, have all the features that you would want and more power than any residential lawn mower. They are perfect for the commercial cutters who are going to be cutting either larger areas of grass or many different areas of grass.

Residential Lawn Mowers


Residential lawn mowers are an absolute must if you have a yard with a lawn.  You can use Residential lawn mowers to keep your lawn looking healthy and neat because nobody wants the house on the street with the overgrown, unmaintained garden.  Since you have a lawn, Honda has some of the best residential lawn mowers available; it just makes sense. But which type of lawn mower do you need? Here are the different residential lawn mowers Honda has to keep your yard looking like the jewel of the block.

HRX Series – The HRX series of residential lawn mowers is perfect for your lawn, no matter what the size may be.  It is a tremendous overall lawn mower that will have no problem keeping your grass looking great. This is the lawn mower you want if you want all of the best features.

HRR Series – The HRR series of residential lawn mowers will give you fantastic performance, some excellent features and is an excellent value for what you get.  These lawnmowers don’t have as many features as the HRX series but will be able to get the job done every time.

HRS Series – This series, being the most basic of residential lawn mowers that Honda manufactures, is a high-quality lawn mower that discharges grass off to the side. This is a good lawn mower for those just figuring out what type of mowers they like. Think of it as a beginner mower.

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