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Priding itself on being the industry standard, Echo has been designing and manufacturing hand-held power equipment for over 40 years. Echo believes in creating professional-grade outdoor equipment to help you with your home and commercial maintenance needs. With over 6,600 independent Echo dealers, you can find these outdoor power tools throughout the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada.

With a dedication to improving outdoor power equipment, Echo uses technological advances to create high-quality products to help make any type of landscaping as comfortable as possible. With Echo power tools, no job is too big. What kind of equipment can you expect to see with Echo?

Brush Cutters

Echo brush cutters were designed for jobs that your regular trimmer isn’t able to get done. With a metal blade that can cut through just about any type of vegetation and smaller tree trunks, Echo brush cutters have enough power to take on any challenge you should throw its way.

Echo Brush CuttersBrush cutters work very much like a trimmer or weed eater. The brush cutters have a blade made of metal that rotates around, chopping down anything that should get in its way. And that’s precisely what Echo brush cutters do. Plus, they are designed to be both durable, as well as comfortable for you to use for extended periods of time.  Echo brush cutters make sure that you enjoy the yard work you’re doing.


Depending on where you live, there comes a season where you find your yard buried in leaves. If this sounds familiar, then Echo blowers will make quick work them.  Available in both gas and battery options, leaf blowers are perfect when it comes to cleaning big messes, maintaining your yard and getting your work done quickly.

Echo BlowersWhile gas-powered blowers are more powerful than battery powered blowers and work better with more massive messes, battery-powered blowers have their own benefits as well.  For example, they don’t use gas, weigh less and quieter than the gas-powered blowers. No matter which one you decide to go with, with Echo blowers you will be able to get any yard job done in the shortest time possible.


Echo ChainsawsIf you have a tree or heavy brush filled yard, Echo chainsaws are an absolute must.  Not only are you going to be able to chop trees and branches, trim trees and make your own firewood, but you’ll be able to keep your yard looking exactly how you want it. With both gas-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws available, Echo has created durable, powerful and efficient chainsaws that will be able to cut through anything you can task them with. Echo chainsaws set the standard when it comes to chainsaws and has created them to be perfect for a wide variety of different jobs around your house. On top of that, Echo chainsaws are also the ideal way to trim bushes, as well as many other gardening projects.

Lawn Edgers

echo Lawn EdgersLawn edgers are the perfect way to give your lawn that clean and neat look. And there are no better lawn edgers than Echo lawn edgers. Where a lawn mower cuts your grass to a certain height, Echo lawn edgers maintain the outer borders of your lawn, keeping everything looking crisp and clean. Lawn edgers are the perfect way to make your yard stand above the rest.

Hedge Trimmers

Echo Hedge Trimmers

If your yard has any trees or bushes in it, then Echo hedge trimmers are the perfect tool to maintain them. Hedge trimmers are essential because they prevent your shrubs and trees from becoming overgrown and ‘out of control’ looking. Plus, with the use of hedge trimmers, you can even shape your bushes and create bush art. If you wanted too, you could even use hedge trimmers to trim your lawn’s edges, but lawn edgers are better suited for that particular job.


Sprayers are perfect for applying insecticides and repellents around your home, garden; yard and anywhere else you don’t want bugs or insects. Depending on how large the job is, there are different levels of Echo sprayers that you can choose.

echo SprayersBackpack sprayers are worn like a backpack and have been designed to be both convenient and quick for getting the job done. These types of sprayers are incredibly versatile, reliable, durable and efficient. These are the best sprayers for smaller yards and jobs.

Wheeled sprayers are much larger and have wheels on them so you can move them more easily. There isn’t a limit on just how mobile you can get with wheeled sprayers, they don’t require you to carry anything else and will generally last you all day.  These sprayers are perfect for larger jobs.

UTV sprayers go on the back of a UTV and can be big enough to hold 100-gallons.  These sprayers are best if you have a larger property and must transport the sprayer around.


Echo Multi-AttachmentsMulti-attachments are great because they allow you to change the attachment you are using to a different attachment that has a different purpose. This makes multi-attachments great for getting a wide variety of jobs around the yard with one tool.

Pole Pruners

Echo Pole PrunersWhat makes a great pole pruner is how long it is and how far it can reach. Echo pole pruners do just that.  With additional extensions available, Echo pole pruners will help you reach heights that you usually wouldn’t be able to.  Now partner that with up to 1.35 horsepower and you have one of the best pole pruners available on the market. Plus, depending upon the task, pole pruners can be much safer than using a chainsaw.

String Trimmers

Echo String TrimmersYou may know string trimmers as weed eaters, but they are essentially the same thing.  Echo string trimmers have been designed to go up against stones, fences, etc. and not damage them, but to cut the greenery around them.  Echo string trimmers are great for trimming larger areas.

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