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DR® Power Equipment has been manufacturing power tools that make work easier and more enjoyable since the 1980s. They take great pride in helping others make the most of their property by providing high-quality power tools that make the beautification of your land an easier and more rewarding task. DR® Power Equipment has dedicated themselves to engineering the kind of quality products that withstand the beating tools take when put to good use by hardworking individuals such as yourself.

Their products are engineered with usability and utility in mind with a focused commitment to quality in everything they do. DR® Power Equipment is a company founded and operated in rural Vermont, and they have always stayed true to their country roots by creating products made for likeminded individuals who take pride in perfecting their landscape and enjoy reaping the rewards of hard labor. Their tools help make that hard labor less tiresome and more enjoyable, so their customers can feel empowered to take even better care of their land.

DR® Power Equipment Walk Behind Trimmer Mowers

Whether you’re looking for a standard walk behind mower or a push trimmer, DR® Power Equipment has the right product for you. Their trimmers on wheels are capable of taking care of even the thickest troublesome patches of weeds and overgrowth. They have both self-propelling and push versions with varying engine and blade types and sizes. The push variation of power trimmers are orders of magnitude more powerful than handheld variations making them perfect for when you have large and stubborn patches that you need to tackle.

DR® Power Equipment walk-behind mowers also come in push and self-propelled variations to fit the tasks you have before you as well as your price range. In addition to gas-powered offerings of walk behind mowers, DR® also has battery-powered engines which provide excellent power and convenience. They also offer manual and electric start options to help you save costs or back pain at your own discretion.

DR® Power Equipment Field and Brush Mowers

Perfect for your larger and more difficult parcels of land, DR® Power Equipment field and brush mowers offer supreme power and dependability for cutting through even the most stubborn of brush patches. Their walk-behind field and brush mowers are capable of cutting down tall grass and weeds as well as saplings. They offer models of varying power levels that are suitable for powering through all kinds of unwanted brush, weeds, and saplings.

Their offerings range in power and performance in regards to their cutting capabilities as well as their convenience and adaptability for tackling various terrains and types of underbrush. Their cutting blades are top of the line and designed to take on tough jobs without falling apart. DR® Power Equipment’s entire line of walk-behind mowers are designed to handle any job you throw at them at competitive prices that won’t break the bank.

DR® Power Equipment Tow-Behind Mowers

If walk behind mowers simply aren’t cut out for the jobs you have in mind, tow behind mowers provide you with the ease of use you require with all the power needed for chewing through the toughest of underbrush and weeds. DR® Power Equipment tow behind mowers provide the easiest and fastest way to take back your overgrown property. Designed to clear fields in as little time as possible, DR® Power Equipment’s towable field and brush mowers provide unparalleled clearing speeds and cutting power.

Perfect for pulling with an ATV or power mower, tow behind mowers provide enhanced cutting power and speed that doesn’t require you to break your back when clearing fields and rough patches. Two behind mowers are perfect for those with large swathes of land that need clearing on a regular basis or for the good Samaritans who help out clearing their neighbor’s lawns as well!

DR® Power Equipment Leaf and Lawn Vacuums

DR® Power Equipment provides leaf and law vacuums of various sizes to meet your lawn care needs. They offer both two behind as well as self-propelled leaf and lawn vacuums in case you don’t own an ATV or riding mower that you can attach the leaf and lawn vacuum to. Whatever your situation or requirements, DR® Power Equipment has the solution for you. Each product in their line of leaf and lawn vacuums is designed to perform.

The DR® Self-Propelled Leaf and Lawn Vacuum (11.50 PRO Model) is ideal for smaller properties, and more confined spaces with its enhance maneuverability. In addition to providing smooth handling and easy maneuverability, the 11.50 PRO also comes with an onboard chipper capable of handling branches up to 2” of thickness. This allows you to continue to chew through your lawn clippings and storm leavings without having to stop and clear branches into a separate container each time you encounter one.

DR® Power Equipment Power Wagons

DR® Power Equipment power wagons are like wheelbarrows on steroids! They provide users with immense load hauling capabilities over long distances without the need for any other equipment. They offer models capable of handling from 500 to 800 lb. loads for all your hauling needs. They also offer flatbed kits in case what you’re hauling won’t fit inside a standard bucket size. DR® Power Equipment manufactures a line of power wagons that includes products targeted at both power users as well as hobbyists that will neatly fit your needs and your budget at the same time.

Whether you need something to haul firewood across your plot or a wagon capable of hauling your truck’s engine, DR® Power Equipment has the tool for you. All of their products are engineered and crafted with care and attention to detail that ensures your satisfaction with their operating capabilities and ease of use.

DR® Power Equipment Power Graders

Power graders provide you the ability to smooth out gravel drives and parking lots with extreme ease. DR® Power Equipment Power Graders come in 48” as well as 60” models in order to provide you with the options you need to fit your requirements. Their power driveway graders utilize carbide-tipped teeth to dig into your uneven ruts and smooth out uneven strips of gravel. With easy dial or push button adjustments, you can change the grading depth on the fly from your driver’s seat. DR® Power Equipment gravel graders can be towed behind any utility vehicle or lawn tractor in order to make swift work of your gravel grading work.

DR® Power Equipment also offers a drag screen that comes in both sizes in order to further smooth our clumps and imperfections on your gravel paths and drives to finish it all off with a pristine, professional look that will have your gravel drive looking good as new in no time. If you have a gravel drive or parking lot you need to take care of, DR® Power Equipment’s power graders are sure to answer your call for help at a price you can smile about.
Whatever landscaping needs you might have, DR® Power Equipment offers powerful tools Done Right that will help make your jobs go smoother and faster every time. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, check out all the other power tools we carry here.

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