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A relatively unknown name in the UTV market, Cub Cadet has been making quality vehicles for the last 10 years.  In fact, they don’t just make UTVs; they build machines that challenge the competition and can handle any challenge thrown its way. The two most popular are the Cub Cadet Challenger 550 and the Cub Cadet Challenger 750.

Challenger Series

Challenger 400

Their basic model ATV, which comes with a 404cc Subaru EX40 air-cooled engine, and has a top speed of 25mph. Cub Cadet expands on this with its LX model, which adds a windshield, alloy wheels and a hard roof for an additional $400.00

Challenger 500

With a liquid cooled 4-stroke engine which displaces 471cc, the Challenger 500 is next up in the Cub Cadet UTV line. MSRP is $8499.00, and is also available in a 700cc model for an additional $1000.00 ($9499.00). With essentially identical running gear, towing capacity (1200lbs), and cargo bed payload (350lbs), the main difference is the additional displacement of the engine, which produces another 10.5hp over the 500 model (23hp vs. 33.5).

Challenger 550 & 750

Next up is the Challenger 550 & 750, and there is also a “Camo” version for an additional $300.00 for the 550, or an additional $400 for the 750. All share basic running gear, although the 750 adds a parking brake, rack and pinion steering, and an extra 10hp to the mix. The price for the 550 is $9,999.00, and the 750 has an MSRP of $10,999.00. Both share a similar (other than displacement) liquid cooled 4-stroke engine.

Challenger 750 EPS & 750 Crew

Finally in the Challenger series and rounding out the Club Cadet UTVs is the 750 EPS & 750 Crew—both of which start with the 750 base model, and add extras to the running gear and cockpit. Both come standard with power steering, and both have a 37.5hp 4-stroke liquid cooled engine, although the EPS comes with a standard one-piece quick attach windshield, and the Crew coming with a standard two-piece windshield. The crew also expands the seating to a four-person capacity, and the MSRP is $11,899.00 for the EPS and $11,999.00 for the Crew.

Volunteer WT Cab & 4×4 ETF

Finally, there are the Cub Cadet Utility Vehicles, which include the WT ($9999) and the top-of-the-line 4×4 ETF ($21,999). Both feature a liquid-cooled, 31hp Kohler Aegis 750cc V-twin engine which produces 47.7 ft.-lbs. of torque and a 25mph top speed. Both are four-wheel-drive, although the WT Cab has a slightly longer (140” vs. 119”) length when compared to the ETF, and the suspension of the WT has also been beefed-up for the additional carrying capacity of two more people. The WT Cab also has an additional 300lbs carrying capacity (1,700lbs) over the ETF (1,400lbs). The Volunteer WT also comes with an aluminum cargo bed with a 1200lbs cargo capacity, while the ETF comes with a steel bed and 1000lbs cargo capacity.

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