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If you have a significantly sized yard, having a chainsaw is almost an essential.  They can do a wide variety of jobs around the home and will save you time and money since you’ll be able to do the job yourself, and not have to hire someone to do the job for you. While not everyone thinks that they need a chainsaw to keep their yard looking tiptop, those same people will be surprised how versatile and convenient having a chainsaw can be.  From the nimble and light battery powered chainsaw to the larger and more powerful gas-powered chainsaws, when you find the best chainsaw for your needs, it will make a huge difference in your maintenance routine.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

Gas powered chainsaws are typically powered by an oil and gasoline mixture.  Gas-powered saws are what you want to use when you’re facing bigger cutting jobs or need more power.  Here are some of the reasons a gas-powered chainsaw is a correct choice:

  • Cutting down trees
  • Cleaning up debris after a storm
  • Trimming bigger trees
  • Cutting your own firewood

Gas powered chainsaws have many benefits, the main one being the amount of power that they produce.  When your cutting job is more extensive, electric chainsaws just won’t cut it.  Gas-powered saws have much more cutting torque and horsepower than their electric counterparts.

Gasoline powered chainsaws are also much more mobile than electric ones as well.  With gas powered saws there is no need for any type of plug-in source to get power.  You can work as close or far away from a power source as you want and don’t have to worry about charging your chainsaw back up.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

Battery powered chainsaws are merely lighter versions of gasoline-powered chainsaws.  In fact, when it comes to doing general yard work around the house, many homeowners prefer the electric ones to the gas versions.  This preference is due to the ease of getting the battery-powered chainsaws started and the simple maintenance that is required to keep them in excellent running condition.  On top of that, battery-powered chainsaws are also generally less expensive.  While there is a drop in power, battery powered chainsaws are great for jobs such as:

  • Cutting up smaller branches and trees
  • Pruning and trimming projects around the yard

Chainsaw Chains

Chainsaw chains are one of the most critical parts of the chainsaw, no matter if it’s a gas or battery powered one.  The chainsaw chain is the part that revolves around the blade and does all the cutting.  The chainsaw chains do wear and eventually need to be replaced, but that all depends upon the toughness of what is being cut, as well as how much work the chain is seeing.

The best chainsaws are great for a multitude of different jobs and will be able to get any job done.  That is why the chainsaws from Echo and Toro are being praised as some of the best gas powered and battery powered chainsaws available. In fact, Echo and Tori chainsaws are actually the perfect tools when it comes time to clear away debris.  If trees or their branches fall or snap off, one of these chainsaws will help you downsize them you’ll be able to dispose of them much easier.  And again, you won’t have to call in someone else to come and do the same job, which makes it a faster and cheaper option.  It’s almost like chainsaws pay for themselves.

They are also great for making creative projects.  These best chainsaws are a great way to carve and mold larger pieces of wood into different types of décor.  You can also use them to cut other materials besides wood, such as plastic, hay bales, and downsizing pallets.

Another great use for Echo and Toro chainsaws is gardening projects. Have you ever wondered how to shape hedges quickly and professionally? Trimming branches and trees is much easier with a chainsaw than doing the job by hand.  Depending upon the size, you can even prune and trim bushes, as well as other general maintenance work around the yard.  

When it comes to maintaining your yard, as well as other projects that involve cutting and trimming, gas powered and battery powered chainsaws are an essential tool that will help you make this work much easier. To find out how much easier a chainsaw can make maintaining your yard, creating unique design projects and everything in between, be sure to visit or call Placerville Polaris today.

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