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If your yard has become too overgrown and your regular trimmer just isn’t getting the job done, brush cutters are the best option.  With enough power to get rid of dense plant growth, brush cutters use a metal blade that can cut through extremely dense vegetation, as well as tree trunks up to about four inches thick.

Brush Cutters

Brush cutters work similar to trimmers in the sense that they have a metal blade  (while a trimmer uses a plastic string) that is rotated in a circular motion to chop down dense vegetation and small trees.  Brush cutters are very versatile and usually are compatible with several different blade attachments.  This feature allows you to be able to use the brush cutter on several different types of materials.  This versatility is excellent as it can do the jobs of multiple tools.

Brush cutters are also extremely durable.  When properly maintained, the brush cutter, as well as the metal blade, will last for several years.  The only thing to keep in mind is that when the cutter is used in rocky terrain, be sure to inspect the blade often.  Dull blades will shorten the brush cutters life, and can even be a safety hazard.

The best brush cutters like the ones from Echo, Shindaiwa, and Dr. Power, are designed to be able to power their way through overgrown and wood brush that regular mowers and trimmers just can’t handle.  And with the variety of different blade options, you can squeeze into tighter areas that larger equipment will never be able to fit.

Finally, the best brush cutters are designed with comfort in mind.  Using any power equipment for an extended period can become cumbersome, which can increase the chance of an accident.  That is precisely why brush cutters from Echo, Shindaiwa and Dr. Power have features to help reduce any discomfort and help you truly enjoy the work you are doing.

If you’re in need of one of the best brush cutters, be sure to call or visit Placerville Polaris for all your brush cutter needs.  As the best retailer of brush cutters from Echo, Shindaiwa and Dr. Power, the Placerville Polaris team offers an elite level of customer service and expertise that no one else can match. Visit or call Placerville Polaris to get your questions answered or to inquire about a specific brush cutter.

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