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With the primary goal of helping its customers have the power they need to get any job done, Briggs & Stratton has dedicated itself to making people’s lives better.  Being the largest manufacturer of gasoline engines that power outdoor power equipment, Briggs & Stratton has become the leading manufacturer, marketer and even designer of power generators, lawn and garden care, pressure washers and turf care products.

They thrive to make your work easier and improve your life with its innovative products, efficient power solutions, and impeccable customer service.  And if that weren’t enough, they’ve been doing it for more than 109 years.


No matter what the situation may be when you need power, generators are the best way to get it.  Whether it is a natural disaster, power outage, construction site or even if you’re tailgating the big game, you want your power to be on.  Briggs & Stratton generators will do just that; they will keep you in the power. Designed to withstand any type of situation, these generators were designed to do one thing, deliver.  

While everyone will have different needs that their generators must meet, there are several different types of Briggs & Stratton generators that will meet all of your needs.

  • Portable Generators – These generators are perfect if you need to restore power to your home, get stuff done in the backyard, or even for the job site.  And since they are portable, they can quickly be moved around where you need power.
  • Home Standby Generators – Designed to work with your home in case of power outages, these generators will keep your house well-powered, even though the rest of the block has none.
  • Inverter Generators – Designed to be lightweight, efficient and quiet, these are the perfect generators for tailgating, camping or any other activity where you need some power.
  • Commercial Standby Generators – Designed to keep your business running no matter what the situation, commercial standby generators are crucial for businesses.


When you need an engine, you want one that will last long, easily start and will always be able to get the job done. That’s why Briggs & Stratton engines are reliable, innovative, easy to maintain and built tough. Briggs & Stratton engines were built to get business done.  And with engines for just about every outdoor power tool you can think of, Briggs & Stratton have you covered if you need an:

  • Push Mower Engines
  • Riding Mower Engines
  • Snow Blower Engines
  • Utility Engines
  • Racing Engines

Commercial Engines

When it comes to high-performance commercial engines, Briggs & Stratton has the designs, the power and the reliability that you can count on.  The unique, premium-grade Vanguard line of commercial engines are built to power the equipment that you need to work.

With commercial engines ranging between 5.5 to 36 horsepower, the Vanguard line of commercial engines provides your equipment with a range of air-cooled power solutions that can be rivaled by none.  No matter what the job is, Briggs & Stratton commercial engines are the perfect solution to power your equipment for years to come. And with industry-leading customer service, Briggs & Stratton will do everything in their power to make sure that you aren’t just satisfied with their commercial engines, but that you absolutely love them.

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